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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ultrabooks harness the best of tablets to fight Macbook Air

Ultrabooks harness the best of tablets to fight Macbook Air
Asher Moses September 08, 2011

Looks a lot like a Macbook Air ... Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook.

PC makers have a new weapon in their battle to stop tablets stealing laptop market share and prove Apple doesn't have a monopoly on design: Ultrabooks.
Acer, Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba and others have all unveiled plans for new ultraportable Windows 7 laptops that are thinner, lighter, faster and have longer battery life than previous efforts. Acer is the first cab off the rank with new models due out next month starting at $1200.
Ultrabooks is the umbrella term for the new category, which was created by chipmaker Intel to guide vendors with a series of stringent rules.
To get the Ultrabook branding manufacturers have to produce laptops that weigh less than 1.8kg, are less than 20mm thick, have at least 5 hours battery life under intensive usage and are ultra-responsive in terms of the speed of the processor and the ability of the laptops to boot up in under 7 seconds. Ultrabooks also tend to have a metal chassis and include faster solid-state storage as opposed to traditional hard drives.
Catching up to Apple
If this sounds like the Apple Macbook Air, that's because Apple is once again setting the benchmark for design. Intel Australia marketing director Kate Burleigh conceded that the "Macbook Air was definitely out there first" but she was confident that the other vendors could come up with similar thin and light laptops with innovative designs.


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