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Monday, August 27, 2012

this is our future computer workstation

Highly Stylish & Efficient Computer 
Work Environment for the Home or Office.

Called the Emperor 200, this futuristic looking computer workstation offers as many as three LED computer screens, an air filtering system, electric powered leather seat, touch screen control and a wicked sound system. The unity can be built to your specifications for a cool $49,150.

hand built computer workstation 01

hand built computer workstation 02

hand built computer workstation 03

hand built computer workstation 04

hand built computer workstation 05

hand built computer workstation 06

hand built computer workstation 07

hand built computer workstation 08

hand built computer workstation 09

The Emperor Work Environment

Hand built in Canada, the 1510 is a comfortable, immersive and aesthetically unique environment for the long hours spent in front of computer monitors. Add your computer and your own monitors.

A luxury piece of art, hand built to the customer's specifications, the feature full Emperor 200 is simply the most advanced work environment on the market today. The Emperor 200 comes with PC or Mac and monitors.
MSRP: $6,200 US

MSRP: $49,150 US


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miss World 2012 Yu Wenxia shared her personal photos on the internet

Yu Wenxia who crowned Miss World a few days ago has posted a series of her self-shot photos and work on the internet to share with fans around the world.

# 1miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 01

# 2miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 02

# 3miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 03

# 4miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 04

# 5miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 05

# 6miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 06

# 7miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 07

# 8miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 08

# 9miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 09

# 10miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 10

# 11miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 11

# 12miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 12

# 13miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 13

# 14miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 14

# 15miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 15

# 16miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 16

# 17miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 17

# 18miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 18

# 19miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 19

# 20miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 20

# 21miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 21

# 22miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 22

# 23miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 23

# 24miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 24

# 25miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 25

# 26miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 35

# 27miss china Yu Wenxia personal photos 32
Read more about Yu Wenxia
Miss China crowned Miss World 2012


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Living in Singapore!


Singapore experiences a relatively uniform temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall. The average daily temperature is 26.7° C, with an average maximum of 30.8° C and a minimum of 23.8° C. November to January generally see more rain while June to September tend to be drier.

What to wear
Light summer clothing (preferably of natural fabrics) is suitable for the climate.

Singapore's financial centre is home to the world's major banks. Normal bank opening hours are from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm from Mondays to Fridays. Local banks are also open on Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 am.
The local currency is Singapore dollars and cents. Notes come in denominations of S$2, S$5, S$10, S$20, S$50, S$100, S$500, S$1,000 and S$10,000. Coins are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and S$1. Most banks handle travellers' cheques and change foreign currencies. However, some banks do not have foreign exchange dealings on Saturday. Passports are required when encashing travellers' cheques. A nominal commission may be charged.

Credit/Charge Cards
Major credit and charge cards like American Express, Visa, Diners and Master are widely accepted by establishments in Singapore.

Singapore time is 8 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.

Singapore voltage is 220-240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second.

Drinking Water
It is perfectly safe to drink water straight from the tap in Singapore. However, for those who prefer bottled mineral water, local supermarkets and grocers always have ample stocks.

Education is universally available in Singapore. Holders of a valid Dependant's Pass are exempted from having to apply to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for permission to attend academic courses in government, government-aided, independent or foreign system schools. Otherwise, a Student's Pass is required.

Foreign Schools
There are many well-equipped foreign schools in Singapore. These include the American College, Australian International School, Canadian International School, Deutsche Schule Singapur, Finnish Supplementary School, Hollandse School, Italian Supplementary School, Japanese School, Lycee Francais De Singapour, Norwegian Supplementary School, Sekolah Indonesia, Singapore American School, Singapore Korean School, Swedish Supplementary Education School, Swiss School and United World College of Southeast Asia. More information on foreign schools is available at the Ministry of Education website.

Furnished and unfurnished houses and apartments may be rented from private landlords or management companies. Rentals vary with the location of the property and amenities offered. Rentals are higher in the business and urban areas. However, most parts of Singapore are highly accessible because of the extensive road network and public transportation system.
Real estate agents and property consultants are able to provide up-to-date information on properties to let, office space and rentals. The local newspapers also advertise residential and office accommodation in their advertisement columns.

Domestic Help
You can engage a licensed employment agency to help you employ a foreign domestic helper. The Foreign Domestic Worker Scheme allows the employment of foreign domestic workers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. More information on the employment of foreign domestic workers is available at the Ministry of Manpower website.

Singapore has a wide range of specialist medical services, available at government and private hospitals. There are also 24-hour accident and emergency services in all government hospitals and some private ones. The emergency ambulance service is 995. For a full listing of the government and private hospitals, please visit the Ministry of Health website.
Pharmaceuticals are available from numerous outlets, including supermarkets, department stores, hotels and shopping centres. Registered pharmacists work from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is responsible for the maintenance of law and order and the preservation of public peace. SPF has a vast network of Neighbourhood Police Posts to enhance the police presence and keep the housing estates safe.

Charity draws, Toto and Singapore Sweep lotteries, on-course betting at the Singapore Turf Club on horse races, and gaming at casinos in Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands integrated resorts are the only authorised forms of gambling in Singapore. All other gambling activities are illegal in Singapore.

Smoking is banned in most buildings and indoor areas, including shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment outlets, cinemas, public service vehicles, taxis and in lifts. The smoking ban has also been imposed on public eateries, children's playgrounds, multi-storey carparks, bus interchanges and shelteres, and within a five-metre radius of most building entrances, except for allocated smoking areas. A maximum fine of S$1,000 may be imposed on first-time offenders.

Tipping is not encouraged as most hotels and restaurants in Singapore already levy a 10% service charge on customers' bills. Tipping is not a way of life in Singapore.

Are you looking for jobs here!-Job Application!
56237222 Economic Challenges Notes

Singapore Cultural Statistics 2012
CPI Jul 12 VDD
Monthly Manufacturing Performance July 2012

Singapore Property Measures Press Release!

Property Measures Press Release

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dangerous Diet Scam Exposed(1)

Take On An Empty Stomach
It is amazing the number of physicians and nurses who will send you home with a medication and tell you to take it on an empty stomach, and yet they don't explain to you what that means, or why you have to do this.
When they say take with food and most people think they have to eat a whole meal to get down a single pill. 
Well, now you will learn the whys and hows of taking medications (or a supplement) on an empty stomach.
The reason they say "on an empty stomach" is that the substance in the capsule or pill is not intended to be digested in the stomach. Stomach acid and digestive enzymes in the stomach will destroy or damage the contents of the pill.
If you take this pill with milk or orange juice, wham, you've started up the digestive process and chances are, the pill is not going to make it to the duodenum without damage. 
This is why we've mentioned at this site that most Noni products are worthless. They are damaged by the digestive processes in the stomach and most noni drinks are filled with sugar. Sugar, when it hits your mouth has already triggered the digestive processes in the stomach. This is automatic. A bit of sugar in the mouth will close up the stomach for a while to begin the breakdown of the sugars.
Therefore, you must take your "on an empty stomach" pill with plain water. Well, plain "filtered" water. If you are drinking tap water, you are killing yourself. Even tap water considered safe has chlorine in it, and that is both a carcinogen and is corrosive to your arteries. As we have stated elsewhere in these pages, if you don't have a water filter, you "are" a water filter.
Next, to ensure that the pill your taking goes right on past the stomach into the first part of your small intestine (duodenum), let us first remember that the temperature of digestion is 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, to really avoid digestion in the stomach, take your medication with iced water. Please note that I say "iced water" instead of "ice" water. This is because the first person I told this to, popped the pill in her mouth, tilted her head back, took a big gulp of ice water and tried to swallow both the pill, the water and a very large ice cube all at the same time. (Silly me, I stood in front of her and got very wet.)
If you are taking Cell Forte with IP-6 or probiotics (acidophilus is one; there are hundreds) or even powdered noni, you will have to use this technique for taking them. 
Many have asked, "How long after taking something on an empty stomach may I eat?" We've heard five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and half an hour. A biologist I once spoke with said that 15 minutes is the answer, but all the medical books say half an hour. The biologist said that doctors sure like being the final authority.
Others have asked, how long after we eat a meal, will our stomachs be considered empty. We'll take our answer from the Jewish Laws of Kashroot (keeping Kosher) until someone corrects us.     
According to Jewish law, you cannot mix milk and meat. You cannot have meat within two hours of eating a milk product, and you cannot eat a milk product within 3 hours of eating meat if you belong to the conservative or the reform movement. However, if you are orthodox, you must wait six hours. So, we'll say three hours. 
Please, if you have better answers, send them to us: Answers!
Answer 1: Here is something we received from a nutritionist. Twenty minutes after you eat, the sphincter at the bottom of the stomach leading to the small intestines opens. If you were to take something at this time, it would probably pass into the small intestine pretty much untouched. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, your digestion must be working in perfect order.


15 foods that cannot be taken on an empty stomach

Breaking News: Special Scambuster Report on the Dangerous Morning Banana Diet 

Dateline: Scambusters HQ

If you value your smile, steer clear of the Morning Banana Diet

Have you heard of meth mouth? The Morning Banana Diet is worse. “The sugars in bananas adhere to your teeth more than other fruits, so eating them in the morning puts you at high risk of cavities,”according to Lisa Sasson, clinical associate professor of nutrition and food studies at New York University.
When your teeth rot away from eating bananas, you will have trouble eating. This does admittedly result in weight loss, but you will not be able to obtain the vital nutrition that your body needs, leading to disease or death.
Even if you manage to survive, your disfiguring dental problems will drive away members of the opposite sex, driving you to depression, which may result in suicide.

The Morning Banana Diet will make you even fatter

Eating all the bananas you want for breakfast can pile on the calories, making you even more obese than you were to begin with. Again, according to Professor Sasson, “Bananas can range anywhere from 60 calories to 180 depending on their size.” Eat the wrong bananas and you’re looking at a caloric price of a whopping 180 calories per banana, equivalent to two Snickers “fun-size” candy bars.
Here’s an example. Let’s say you eat ten 180-calorie bananas for breakfast, as the Morning Banana Diet allows, and then eat an additional 2,000 calories for lunch, a snack and dinner. If your normal caloric needs are 2,300 calories per day, you will be consuming an unneeded 1,500 calories per day — and it’s all legal under the rules of the Morning Banana Diet! You will gain 150 pounds in the year following your adoption of the Morning Banana Diet, all because of the Morning Banana Diet.
Take the sobering case of New York Daily news writer Eloise Parker. After two days on the Morning Banana Diet, she did not lose a single ounce of weight. Hopefully she wises up and gets off the diet before she begins to balloon out of control.
“It’s not well-defined or scientifically based,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, a New York-based dietitian and national spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. “Whenever you have a diet that says eat all you want, there’s the possibility that people who are prone to overeating will have problems.”
Ed Zimney, M.D., warns that “even if you experience some weight loss” on the Morning Banana Diet, “before you know it, the entire program will be a distant memory and you’ll be hunting for the next diet.”
Registered dietitian Kerri Glassman says that the Morning Banana Diet could spell disaster for many dieters. “[M]any people we know, no matter how many bananas you have for breakfast, (if) they’re told you can have whatever you want for lunch and dinner — you could be having a turkey sandwich, trying to lose weight, and then all of a sudden, you switch to pizza and fries — you’re gonna gain weight.”
Finally, jonneyboy25 of YouTube.com doesn’t mince words: “this cant work…no way.”

Malnutrition dangers

Did you think that malnutrition is limited to Africa? Think again if you plan on trying the Morning Banana Diet. How does this sound: protein, amino acid and vitamin deficiency. That’s what you have to look forward to on the Morning Banana Diet, according to mockingbird of Yahoo! Answers: “It would be nonsense to call a banana a ‘complete food.’ No food has all your required nutrients. For example, bananas have only 3 percent of your daily protein requirement – you’d have to eat 33 of them to get enough protein. And it still wouldn’t have all the amino acids you need because most plant foods, including bananas, are not complete proteins. Not to mention that you’d easily be deficient in every vitamin except C and B6, same thing with minerals.”

Gastrointestinal nightmare

“Bananas are very difficult to digest, if you eat a banana on an empty stomach it forces the acid in your stomach to work harder to break it down, which results in excess acid,” warns aliendewd73 of YouTube.com. “You should also never eat a banana before bed, for the same reason.” He’s joined in his concerns by plasmagic, of YouTube.com, who notes that “they say u shouldnt eat it with empty stomach.”
Disabilitating stomach cramps, projectile diarrhea and esophageal cancer are not just unpleasant, but can be fatal. Bananas can be safe to eat under medically supervised, controlled circumstances, but you should consult with your physician before considering adding them to your diet.

Diabetes Risk

Ron Garcia, blog commenter, warns that “eating that much of any fruit especially one as full of sugar as banana’s will cause a major glucose spike which (especially for higher risk people) could cause problems later in life especially if a diet like this becomes a lifestyle.”
And bananas made montmorency of ZeroCarbage.com prediabetic. Could it happen to you? This is why we recommend weekly blood tests if you plan to put your health at risk with he Morning Banana Diet.

Who’s behind the diet?

Where did this diet come from? Why did it appear all of a sudden on the internet? Dr. Zimney speculates that cynical marketers are promoting the diet in order to collect e-mail addresses to sell you the next dangerous diet when the Morning Banana Diet inevitably leaves you morbidly obese and toothless.
We wonder if Big Fruit, with all their millions, is behind the diet. They will do anything to push their products on us, with complete disregard for our health. You can bet that Dole, Del Monte and Chiquita will be marketing their toxic yellow cylinders directly to children on Nicklelodeon soon. Have they no shame?

To Come

Our research continues on banana-induced constipation and the resulting abdominal colonic surgery required to remove compacted feces, as well as the issue of potassium toxicity from overconsumption of bananas.
If you are a medical expert (especially if you are a “registered dietitian” or a YouTube.com member) and you know of additional nightmare scenarios about the Morning Banana Diet that we haven’t yet exposed in our scambuster report, please contact us at scambuster@morningbananadiet.org.

Morning Banana Diet Rules

Every diet has rules. If a diet works for you, it’s simply because the rules have had the effect of making you eat less food (nothwithstanding whatever magical claims a diet may make). Diet rules generally do this by making eating a little harder or less convenient, through restricting when or what you can eat. Throw in a little “scientific theory” for motivation, and you have a diet. And remember, no diet works for everybody. So what are the Morning Banana Diet rules? Here’s a synopsis collected from various sources:
If you are a health reporter, dietitian or blogger intending to write about the diet, please read this page carefully and also check out this blog post before you write a kneejerk “just another fad diet” article. Thanks!

Eat a banana for breakfast

  • You can eat more than one, and in fact the inventor of the diet often ate four (smallish Philippines) bananas in the morning, but don’t stuff yourself to the point of fullness or discomfort.
  • Eat only raw, uncooked, unfrozen bananas.
  • Other fruit may be substituted.
  • If other fruit is substituted, some variants require it be restricted to one type of fruit per meal.
  • If you are still hungry 15 or 30 minutes after your banana, you can eat other food (the Japanese inventor of the original Asa Banana Diet sometimes ate a rice ball two and a half hours later, about 200 calories worth; Morning Banana forum members have suggested oatmeal, although it’s not as portable as a rice ball).

Eat normally for lunch and dinner

  • Dinner must be eaten by 8 p.m. at the latest (6 p.m. is better).
  • There are no explicit limits on the types of food you can eat for lunch and dinner, or the amount. But in practice dieters report on Mixi that they try to cut the amount of rice they eat and find substitutions for fried foods. As with many diets, the mere fact you have decided to go on a diet tends to make you more aware of what and how much you are are eating and how healthy it is. The diet avoids strict food rules to prevent a sense of deprivation.
  • However, you should not eat a dessert with dinner or any of your meals; you’ll need to satisfy your sweet tooth during a snack, but we’ll get to that later.
  • At all meals you should eat only until you’re satisfied but not full or stuffed. The Japanese have a proverb, Hara hachibu ni isha irazu, “A stomach eight-tenths full needs no doctor.” American dietitians define this level of fullness or satiety as a 7 on a 1-to-10 “hunger scale,” and they teach their clients to recognize this feeling.

Drink only water

  • The only beverage allowed at most meals is water, preferably mineral or filtered.
  • The water must be at room temperature, not chilled or hot.
  • The water should be drunk in small sips and not used to wash down food.
  • There is no quota of water to drink, and you should not drink it in excess.
  • Outside of meals non-caloric beverages like tea, coffee, and diet soda are generally allowed but somewhat frowned upon, and in general water is encouraged as much as possible; frequent consumption of milk products is discouraged.
  • On social occasions you may drink beer or wine.

Eat your food mindfully

  • Chew your banana and other food thorouoghly and be mindful of its taste.

You may eat an afternoon snack

  • A sweet snack of chocolate, cookies, or the like is allowed at about 3 p.m.
  • Ice cream, a donut, or potato chips are not recommended.
  • Some substitute fresh fruit for their snack, but if you want sweets you should not deny yourself.
  • Some Japanese who like salty snacks eat salted konbu (seaweed) snacks and some Japanese who are very hungry in the afternoon substitute a filling, fist-sized rice ball for sweets.
  • A good alternative if a salty or more filling snack is needed is popcorn according to Morning Banana forum members, but watch out for excessive fat content.
  • If you are hungry after dinner, you may have a second snack of fresh fruit, but this should not be a habit.

Early to bed

  • Go to bed by midnight. If you can manage to go to bed earlier, all the better.
  • Try to aim for a four-hour period between your last meal or snack and bedtime (which is why 8:00 p.m. is the latest you should eat dinner).

Exercise only if you want to

  • Put no pressure on yourself to exercise.
  • If you want to exercise, go ahead: the test is to do what puts the least stress on you.
  • But try to get some walking in every day if possible (but again, don’t force yourself if it stresses you out).
  • If you want a traditional Japanese light workout, consider taking up the kendama.

Keep a diet journal

  • Because the original Japanese banana diet was developed on the internet, many successful Japanese dieters naturally documented their daily food intake and progress online via blogs, forums, or social networking services, and they felt this gave them extra support (we have prepared a Morning Banana Diet Forum with individual food blogs for your use).
  • Because of the diet’s emphasis on digestive processes, some Morning Banana Diet journalers record a bit “too much information” — so remaining anonymous may be advisable.

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