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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Voice Behind Changi Airport's Public Announcement System!

Passenger Movements At Changi Airport!

Changi Airport serves more than 100 airlines flying to some 380 cities in about 90 countries and territories worldwide. Each week, about 7,000 flights land or depart from Changi, with more than 55.4 million passengers passing through the airport a year. We believe that the facts and figures speak for themselve.

Hidden identity of Voice of Changi unveiled!

Ever wondered who are behind the voices of the announcements in the terminals? Hear more with this story.

Have you ever wondered who's behind Changi Airport’s public announcements? Watch and put a face to that smooth calming voice! 
Behind a nondescript frosted glass door in Terminal 2, a team of dedicated staff play a very important role to help Changi Airport run like clockwork. This 16 all-woman team is responsible for the public address system that you hear in each terminal. Changi Journeys speaks to 20-year public announcement veteran at Changi, Usharani D/O Mugiarayan, 45, for an insight into her craft.
To the uninitiated, Usha and her colleagues just do public announcements. But in reality, they play a critical role to help keep our passengers informed and updated so that all of them catch their flights. In situations when Changi needs to get the word out quickly on changes to departure gates, baggage arrival details, or even to reunite a child separated from their parents, our “Voices of Changi” spring into action delivering the information in a crisp, clear, and calm way.
Instead of having announcers at each terminal, announcements for all three terminals are made from the centralised public announcement headquarters at Terminal 2. Each Central Announcement Room, or CAR for short, houses a broadcast system for a specific terminal. In fact, the CAR for announcements at Terminal 4 is ready and raring to go, well ahead of our newest terminal’s opening in the second half of 2017.
According to Usha, it is non-stop action in the CARs, as they receive periodic requests from information counter staff to make various announcements. The actual process from receiving a request, to making the actual announcement is kept simple to ensure everything moves smoothly in this pressure cooker environment. Each time Usha receives a call from an information counter staff, she quickly jots down the message on a notepad, analyses it, prepares the script, and proceeds to make the broadcast via the public announcement system. To target the message at the correct group of passengers, each announcer is able to control the broadcast location. This level of precision is critical not only in making sure Changi reaches the correct people, but to maintain the ambience in the rest of the airport –something essential in our delivery of the Changi Experience.
Announcements are typically made in English. However, the team is ready for different scenarios. For example, during the Umrah and Haj period when more Muslim passengers travel through Changi Airport, announcements meant for them will be made in Malay. Language ability is definitely one requirement for the role. Usha and her colleagues are well-equipped to communicate with an international audience. Between the 16 ladies, they can make announcements in English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and Japanese. Usha also shared that the team receives yearly voice training and refreshers at top vocal communication centres. The team also makes it a point to constantly practice during their free time. So what is the special ingredient needed to make a really good announcement? You must enunciate words well.
So far, among Usha’s most challenging task has been to announce Russian names. “Surprisingly, these passengers always manage to turn up at the counter,” she said sheepishly.
Usha enjoys her job as she feels that working at the airport gives her opportunities to make a positive difference. In fact, she received the President’s Distinguished Star Service Award in 2008 after helping an elderly tourist from London reunite with her lost item. Seeing that the elderly lady was travelling alone in Singapore, Usha contacted her after work to check if she was settling down well in her hotel. She ended up showing her new friend around Little India as the elderly lady was keen to visit the area and they also enjoyed a good dinner together.
Receiving affirmations for being an effective announcer always lifts Usha’s spirits. She feels heartened whenever the information counter staff calls to inform her that a lost item has been claimed by the passenger after hearing her announcement.
“It’s a nice feeling knowing that I have managed to help someone with the announcement I made,” she says, beaming. 


Note: All figures are accurate as of 28 December 2016.

The statistics published on this website are provided for your convenience only and are not to be treated nor relied upon by any person as any kind of advice.

As the statistics have been provided to Changi Airport Group ("CAG") by third parties, CAG is in no position to verify the veracity or correctness of any of the published statistics. CAG shall not be liable for any damage or loss suffered by any party as a result of the use of, or reliance upon the statistics or information published on this website.

Terminal Operations

Daily operations

24/7, 365 days a year, our airport never sleeps. Together with our airport partners, our team works relentlessly so that our passengers always enjoy a stress-free experience travelling through Changi Airport.

Experience creation

Creating a Positively Surprising experience at Changi is at the heart of everything we do. We offer a wide array of well-maintained facilities such as movie theatres, entertainment zones, snooze lounges and gardens. Like our clean and green city, our terminals are also cradled by lush greenery.

Planning for future developments

Planning ahead gets us ready to tackle future challenges and demands. As such, we design new passenger terminals that can adapt to future changes that enhance and transform passenger experience. Some of these bold and revolutionary ideas include the implementation of FAST initiative, which enables self check-in and self bag drop.

Airside Management

Daily operations

Airside Management is responsible for many complex and vital tasks on the runways, taxiways, aprons and beyond airport fences. These tasks include the allocation of aircraft stands and baggage claim belts, test and issuance of airside driving and vehicular permits, safety inspections, response to accidents and incidents, audits to mitigate unsafe work practices, wildlife hazard management and monitoring of obstacle limitation surfaces. Our diligent airside management makes it safe for hundreds of aircraft to take off, land and taxi at both Changi and Seletar Airport.

Airside driving centre

To operate any vehicle within Changi Airport's airside, a driver must obtain an Airside Driving Permit.

Airside safety induction briefing

As part of CAG’s ongoing effort to enhance safety at Changi Airside through education, CAG has introduced Airside safety induction briefing.

Our Connectivity

As the premier aviation hub in South East Asia, Changi Airport is a conduit to the world beyond.
Changi Airport Group connection worldwide

Value Proposition

Future-ready infrastructure

With 5 passenger terminals, 8 airfreight terminals and 3 runways ready by 2020, Changi Airport is future-proof for what the future holds in the horizons.
Find out more about the future of Changi

The region's premier gateway

The 6th busiest airport for international arrivals, Changi served over 55.4 million international passengers in 2015. We fly to over 320 cities all over the world, with many of them to South-East Asia, and the rest of Asia Pacific.

Large catchment area

With a total catchment population of over 10 million within a 3-hour radius, Changi Airport is in a strategic location to a rapidly developing and fast growing economies.

Large family of airlines & alliances

With over 105 airlines in our family and counting, Changi Airport is home to all alliances.
  • One World
  • Sky Team
  • Sky Alliance
See our family of airlines

A trusted cargo hub

With excellent operating indicators and a growing list of accolades, it is no wonder that Changi Airport is the Top 10 Largest Airports in the world for international cargo traffic.

See our cargo operations

Dynamic Economy

Situated in the nation-state of Singapore, Changi Airport is the entry point into one of the world's most dynamic economies.
Find out more about what makes Singapore tick for investors and travellers alike.


715.8 Square kilometres


5.5 Million


S$390.09 Billion (US$390.09 Bn)


S$982.7 Billion (US$717.4 Bn)

1st in the world as city with best investment potential

Excellent economic performance

Ranked 1st
in the world as the city with the best investment potential
(BERI Report April 2014)
Ranked 2nd in the world for Foreign trade and investment
(The Globalisation Index 2012)
Best business environment in the world

Competitive business environment

"World's easiest place to do business"
(Doing Business 2014, World Bank)

"Best business environment in Asia Pacific and the World"
(Economist Intelligence Unit, Country Forecasts, 2014)

Asia's best country to work in


"Asia's best country to work in"

(The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012, World Economic Forum)

"Top 2 in Asia For the best quality of life
(Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings, Mercer Survey 2014)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Yangon Stock Exchange Manuals!


Business operation manuals

Name Update Manual Appendix
Trading business operation manual 18th Mar. 2016 pdf – –
Clearing and settlement business operation manual 18th Mar. 2016 pdf – –
Book-entry transfer business operation manual 18th Mar. 2016 pdf – –


Name Update Guideline Appendix
Block trade 22nd Feb. 2016 pdf – –
Error trade correction 22nd Feb. 2016 pdf – –
Holding Annual General Meeting and dividend payment scheme 25th Jul. 2016 pdf – –
Initial listing 29th Jul. 2016 pdf – –
Market value assessment 11th Jan. 2016 pdf – –
Model procedure of dematerialization (Listing without issuing new shares) 4th Aug. 2016 pdf – –
Non-exchange transaction transfer 22nd Feb. 2016 pdf – –
Outline of timely disclosure 14th Oct. 2016 pdf – –
Putting up listed shares as pledge 2nd Sep. 2016 pdf – –
To prevent insider trading 8th Jun. 2016 pdf – –
Trading suspension 22nd Feb. 2016 pdf – –

Application and template documents

Name Update Document
Trading 27th Apr. 2016 zip file
Clearing & settlement 27th Apr. 2016 zip file
Book-entry transfer 27th Jun. 2016 zip file
Initial listing 26th Apr. 2016 zip file
Trading qualification 26th Apr. 2016 zip file

Yangon Stock Exchange Laws & Rules!

Laws &Rules


Name Enforcement Issued by Myanmar English
  Securities and Exchange Law 31st Jul. 2013 MOF pdf pdf


Name Enforcement Issued by Myanmar English
  Securities and Exchange Rules 27th Jul. 2015 MOF pdf – –


Name Enforcement Issued by Myanmar English
  Notification No. 1 / 2015 – Dematerialization of shares 7th Aug. 2015 SECM pdf pdf
  Notification No. 2 / 2015 – Public offering 14th Sep. 2015 SECM pdf pdf
  Notification No. 3 / 2015 – Business time and brokerage fees 20th Oct. 2015 SECM pdf pdf
  Notification No. 1 / 2016 – Continuous disclosure 19th Feb. 2016 SECM pdf pdf
  Notification No. 2 / 2016 – Securities companies Regulations 11th Mar. 2016 SECM pdf pdf

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