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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Manulife Financial | Manulife Life Insurance!

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President & CEO: Donald A. Guloien
AM Best Rating: A+
Assets: $80,452,512
New Premiums Written: $7,116,787
250 Bloor St. East Main C-28
Toronto, Ontario
N2J 4C6
Toll Free: 1-888-626-8543
In Quebec: 1-888-626-8843
Phone: 519-747-7000
Fax: 519-747-6116
Web Address:www.manulife.ca
Email Address: Valued_customer_centre@manulife.com

* Info courtesy of AM Best's Pocket Key Ratings Guide 2010
Manulife Financial’s disability insurance lineup has five products. Their Proguard Series is geared toward professionals. This is their flagship policy, and includes many built-in features. The plan has elimination periods from 30 days to 2 years. Benefit periods range from 2 years, 5 years and to age 65. The insured’s benefit can range from $200 to $24,500 a month.
The Proguard plan also offers a whole host of riders, including a cost of living rider to keep in line with inflation; a specific occupation rider for specialized occupations such as surgeons; and variety of return of premium riders that allow the insured to receive some of their premium back for staying healthy.
Another of Manulife’s disability plans is the Venture Series—a lower cost disability plan which fits the needs of all types of occupations. The Venture plan has less standard features than the Proguard series, but is available for full-time and part-time workers.
The ExpenseComp plan reimburses office overhead expenses for a small business or professional practice during disability. This plan has a maximum benefit period of 24 months.
Manulife’s Buy-Sell Plus provides funds for the healthy owners of a partnership or small business to buy out the shares of a disabled partner. The plan is unlike traditional disability coverage in that it pays out a lump sum rather than a monthly benefit.
Lastly, Manulife has a personal accident plan available for the blue-collar worker or the difficult to insure.

LSM Manulife Financial Policy Reviews

  • Manulife’s Term Life Policies: Especially for Children

    Manulife Financial has very rich history and is one Canada’s most reputable life insurance companies. Their Term 10 and Term 20 plans are renewable and convertible to any of their permanent policies. Both plans have a $100,000 minimum face amount, and the Term 10 plan is available to applicants aged 18 to 70 while the [...]
  • Manulife’s Universal Life Plans: No-Penalty Withdrawals

    Manulife Financial has two universal life plans, Security Life and InnoVision. Security Life is available with face amounts from $50,000, and is geared toward the family market. The policy is one of the few universal life plans within the Canadian marketplace to allow withdraws from the accumulation fund without any surrender penalties. The InnoVision program [...]
  • Manulife introduces a new group critical illness plan

    Manulife, a leading provider of individual critical illness insurance, has recently introduced group critical illness coverage, available without a medical examination. This critical illness coverage helps close the gap in most traditional group plans. Most group plans offer disability coverage that pays a monthly benefit if the insured cannot work due to injury or illness. [...]
  1. Manulife Financial policies
    Rating of Manulife Financial policies from independent insurance expert Lorne S. Marr

Manulife Financial News

  • Life Insurance: Costco and Manulife Financial

    09/13/2011Costco offers a term life insurance plan. Photo by Greenwenvy08 Costco offers term life insurance policies underwritten by Manulife Financial that are available to Costco Members. They can purchase policies with face amounts of $50,000 to $500,000 in multiples of $25,000. Examples: A 45-year-old, female non-smoker can get $150,000 of supplemental life insurance for $24.36 [...]
  • Manulife Financial: “The Worst is Over”

    08/23/2011Manulife's fortunes are rising, according to its CEO. Despite losses in 2010, Manulife CEO Donald Guloien told the Insurance & Investment Journal that the company believes the worst is over when it comes to risk management. For example, according to their annual report, the insurer has reduced the $400 million impact that a 1% drop [...]
  • Manulife Group Benefits

    07/29/2011Manulife Financial is one of the leading group benefit providers in Canada. Their group life policies offer retiring members a group conversion option that allows them to convert their group life insurance to an individual policy without having to provide evidence of insurability or undergo a medical exam. However, the insured must complete the conversion [...]
  • Why Are Whole Life Insurance Rates and Universal Life Rates Increasing in Canada?

    07/20/2011Universal Life rates are rising. Photo by wlodi Manulife Financial was the first major insurance company to raise its Universal Life Level Cost of Insurance rates. This has been followed by a slew of increases among other insurance carriers in Canada. Canada Life, RBC, BMO, and Industrial Alliance have all raised their Universal Life Level [...]
  • Manulife Insurance

    07/19/2011 Manulife Insurance has been providing Canadians with life insurance solutions for over 100 years. They are one of Canada's leading life insurance providers and have an AM Best rating of A+. Their term life insurance lineup includes Term 10 and Term 20 policies, which are both competitively priced and guaranteed renewable and convertible. Manulife [...]
  • Ask Our Experts Your Life Insurance Questions

    06/07/2011Our team can answer any question. LSM Insurance has been providing life insurance solutions to Canadians for just under 20 years. Our team of experts helps unravel the mystery of life insurance and answer questions like the following: How much life insurance do you need? What is the best type of life insurance plan? Which [...]
  • Disability Insurance for Professionals: Consumer Review

    06/06/2011An overview of disability plans available to professionals. LSM will be taking a look at a variety of insurance plans and we will dissect them on our website in an effort to show you the pros and cons of each. With this kind of clarity, we hope you'll be able to find the plan that's [...]
  • OMA Disability Insurance Premiums vs. Individual Disability Insurance Premiums

    06/05/2011A doctor can get a better disability plan on his own than with the Ontario Medical Association. An LSM broker recently met with a 42-year-old, male medical specialist who was considering his disability insurance options. He was looking for a disability policy with a 90-day elimation period, a benefit period to age 65, an 'Own [...]
  • What is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

    05/29/2011No combined smoker/non-smoker rates on Simplified Issue policies. Photo by John Verive Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance is another name for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. Guaranteed Acceptance policies provide the insured life insurance protection without medical tests and without having to answer any health questions. This differs from 'No Medical' Simplified Issue Life Insurance, in that, [...]
  • Comparing 10, 15, and 20-Year Term Insurance Rates

    05/15/2011Think about how long you need insurance when considering a term plan. Photo by Doug Sheffer Term insurance policies provide level premiums for a stated term. As a rule of thumb, the longer the term, the higher the initial premium. The reason is that the insurance company carries a greater risk because you have a [...]
  • Manulife Financial’s Flexcare Health and Dental Plan

    05/05/2011Manulife offers both individual and group health and dental coverage. Photo by Andy Smith Manulife Financial offers both group health and dental coverage and individual health and dental plans. Their flagship individual health and dental plan is FlexCare, which allows the insured to choose their level of protection on prescription drugs, dental care, and extended [...]
  • Manulife FollowMe Health and Dental Plan

    05/01/2011Manulife's FollowMe gives you dental coverage after your group plan expires. Photo by Andy Smith. Manulife Financial's FollowMe Health and Dental Plan is designed for individuals whose group health coverage recently came, or will soon be coming, to an end. FollowMe allows the insured to continue their health and dental benefits without having to complete [...]
  • Manulife Financial Is Raising Term 100 Rates

    04/23/2011Another policy rate is on the rise. Photo by Balazs Gal Manulife Financial is raising its Signet Term 100 and Term 100 Family Term rates effective April 23, 2011. Term 100 insurance is a hybrid permanent insurance plan that provides fixed premiums and lifetime protection, but which does not build a cash value in most [...]
  • Who Hasn’t Raised Their Universal Life Rates?

    02/22/2011Whose universal insurance rates haven't soared? Photo by Phil Brown Which companies haven't raised their Universal Life rates? In the past few months, several of the leading life insurance companies in Canada have raised their universal life level-cost-of-insurance rates in response to historically low interest rates and reduced profitability. The list of companies that spiked [...]
  • Critical Illness Providers: LSM’s Andrew Burdi Discusses the Secret Benefits.

    02/17/2011LSM insurance broker, Andrew Burdi was recently interviewed to discuss some of the little known benefits and unique features of Critical Illness providers in Canada. He listed some of those unique benefits to give for or readers: 1. Manulife Insurance - Burdi revealed that Manulife offers a 10% advance on its Critical Illness policies, up [...]
  • Manulife’s 5-Year GIC at 3.20%

    12/16/2010Manulife's 5-year GIC is at a groundbreaking high. Photo by wlodi Manulife's 5-year GIC interest rate has gone from 3.10% to 3.20% in a matter of days, making it an incredibly attractive investment option at the moment. GIC's can be locked in for five years or less at the following rates: 1 Year: 1.70% 2 [...]
  • Manulife Financial’s Critical Illness Switch Program

    12/11/2010Manulife's CI Switch Program turns Critical Illness to Term Life. Photo by Jane Liu Manulife Financial has a unique Critical Illness Switch Program, which allows the insured to convert from a Term 10 Critical Illness plan to a Term 20, Term 75 or Term 100 plan. There are no medical tests or questions involved with [...]
  • Manulife Financial’s Disability Insurance to Long-Term Care Conversion Feature

    12/10/2010Turn Disability to Long-Term Care with Manulife's Conversion Feature. Photo by Michael Carian Manulife Financial offers non-medical conversion from its Disability Insurance policies to its Long-Term Care Insurance program. The following is an example of how the program works: A Manulife client who has a $2,000 monthly indemnity disability plan would be able to convert [...]
  • Universal Life Insurance For High Net-Worth Individuals

    12/09/2010You need to be of a high net-worth for Manulife's UltraVision. Photo by Duckie Monster. Manulife Financial recently introduced a Universal Life plan, which is geared towards high net worth individuals. The plan is called UltraVision. It's a Universal Life plan with a yearly renewable time cost of insurance structure. The plan has a minimum [...]
  • Changes to the Rates on Manulife Financial’s Universal Life Policies

    12/09/2010Manulife Financial will be raising the premiums on their Universal Life plans, Security Life, Innovision and Limited Pay Universal Life, between 5% to 25%. The change goes into effect December 4th, 2010. Manulife will also be increasing the rates on their Term 100 policy in March of 2010. Manulife will be keeping their Term Life [...]
  • Manulife’s Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Plan

    12/01/2010Those 40 to 75 qualify for Manulife CoverMe. Photo by Lin Mei Manulife Insurance Guaranteed Issue life insurance plan has a plan that is called Cover Me. The plan is available with no medical tests and there are no health questions. Individuals who are Canadian residents between the ages of 40 and 75 are guaranteed [...]
  • Whole Life Insurance for Women

    11/26/2010Don't worry, Whole Life insurance is less expensive for Women. Photo by Gabriele Fontana Women pay a much lower premium for Whole Life policies than men. The following looks at the top three carriers for $250,000 worth of Whole Life 20-Pay coverage, i.e. the insured is covered for life and the policy is paid-up after [...]
  • Manulife’s Cover Me Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Pricing

    11/26/2010Don't worry, No medical necessary. Photo by Flemming Rasmussen Manulife's Cover Me policy is available with no medical tests or health questions. The applicant's acceptance is guaranteed. The policy is available in four face amount increments; $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000. The death benefit is limited, for non-accidental death during the first to policy years, [...]
  • Critical Illness Policies for Women in Canada

    11/26/2010The difference in premiums between genders isn't as significant with Critical Illness. Photo by Alessandro Vall Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum if the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness, such as cancer. The number of illnesses considered critical can vary from carrier to carrier. The type of plan (Term or Permanent) along [...]
  • CIBC: Five Year Term Life Insurance Policy

    11/19/2010Check out CIBC's 5-year Term Plan Photo by Lupaz CIBC's five year term life insurance policy is underwritten by Manulife Financial. The policy is available in increments of $50,000, $75,000 or $100,000 and the premiums are fixed for the first five policy years. The plan is available to applicants who are 18 to 65 and [...]
  • Critical Illness Term to 75

    11/02/2010The Ins and Outs of Critical Illness Term to 75. Critical Illness Term to 75 coverage provides level premiums and pays out a Lump Sum Benefit should the insured be diagnosed with a listed Critical Illness and survive the waiting period under the policy. The plan has level premiums to 75, and depending on the [...]
  • Term 100 vs. Level Cost Insurance

    10/01/2010Insurance plans with guaranteed cash value you can take to the bank. Photo by Paul. Term 100 insurance provides very straightforward coverage. It provides fixed premiums, guaranteed to never increase, lifetime protection and, in most instances, the policy does build at cash value. Universal Life insurance also offers lifetime protection, but offers a variety of [...]
  • Buying Disability Insurance in Ontario: The Two Best Plans

    09/24/2010Compare the two leading disability insurance providers in Canada. Photo by Chelsea Oakes Two of the leading disability insurance carriers in Ontario are RBC Insurance and Manulife Financial. RBC Insurance’s head office is in Mississauga, Ontario and Manulife's is in Waterloo, Ontario. They both have competing high-end plans geared towards the professional market. RBC's plan [...]
  • Life Insurance in Canada: Smoker versus Non-Smoker Rates

    09/13/2010Smoker by Valentin Ottone If you smoke and are looking to buy life insurance in Canada, you can expect to pay a much higher premium than a non-smoker. On Term policies the premiums can be more than double on permanent plans the difference in rates is less pronounced. The insurance definition of a smoker is [...]
  • FlexCare Manulife Enhancements Starting Sept.1

    09/01/2010Manulife FlexCare is increasing their benefit amounts. Photo by SFT HQ You've probably seen the commercials for Manulife FlexCare plans on television. Well, as of Sept. 1, 2010 various enhancements will be added to the program and the benefit to members will be increasing. For those unfamiliar, the Combo Plus Starter plan is a non-medical health and [...]
  • Simplified Issue Critical Illness Insurance By Manulife Financial

    06/23/2010Sign and convert Manulife's Term 10 C.I. plan into a permanent plan without a medical exam. Photo by Joe Hall. Manulife Financial offers a Simplified Issue Critical Illness plan to applicants who have been approved for Preferred Rates on life insurance coverage with Manulife. Any applicants who have been approved for Health-style I or Health-style [...]
  • Six Great Life Insurance Deals

    06/20/2010Save money with the best life insurance deals Quite often people are presented with "Can't Miss Deals." Life insurance is generally not thought of as one of those opportunities, but those deals are out there. Don't believe us? Just take a look at these six life insurance deals: 1. Manulife's Children's Term Rider. Manulife's Children's [...]
  • Comparing Mortgage Life Insurance Rates Among the Big Five Banks

    06/02/2010Mortgage life insurance does not stack up against an individual life plan. Most Canadians who take out a mortgage with one of the big five banks are also offered a mortgage life insurance policy which will pay off the insured's mortgage if he or she dies during the mortgage period. On the surface, this seems [...]
  • Participating Whole Life Dividend Scales in 2010

    05/29/2010Capitalize on the success of your insurance provider. Photo by Balazs Gal. Participating Whole Life policies differ from non-participating Whole Life policies in that they offer both the cash value and a dividend, which allows the insured to share in the profitability of the insurance carriers. Dividend rates tend to be tied to long-term interest [...]
  • Non-Medical Life Insurance: Should I Buy Direct or Through a Broker?

    05/10/2010Non-medical categories? Photo by Petras Gagilas Non-medical Life Insurance can be divided into two categories. 1) Guaranteed Issue coverage where there are no health questions and no medical tests and 2) Simplified Issue coverage where there are generally three to twelve health questions and no medical tests. Most Non-medical life insurance plans sold directly through [...]
  • A.M. Best Ratings for 2009-2010

    04/23/2010Most credit scores of insurance companies are stable Photo by Balazs Gal A.M. Best is a credit rating company for the insurance and banking sectors. Consumers use it to assess the financial strength and credit worthiness of their lending institutions. The following are the ratings for March 2010 and the fourth quarter of 2009: AM [...]
  • Life Insurance Policy Fees

    04/02/2010Don't let policy fees nickel and dime you by Garry Knight Life insurance policy fees are a built-in fee, which covers the administration of the policy. The fee is hidden within the premium, but can be found with the policy document. The following is a summary of term 10 policy fees charged by Canadian insures. [...]
  • Best Term 100 Life Insurance Plans in Canada

    03/31/2010find out rates for a 50-year-old, male non-smoker. Photo by Luciano Meirelles Term 100 life insurance is essentially a stripped-down form of whole life insurance. The premiums are level for life and the policy provides lifetime protection. Unlike whole life policies, there are generally no cash values that build within the plan. This generally translates [...]
  • Group Critical Illness Insurance Sales

    03/23/2010The Top Companies for Group Critical Illness Group Critical Illness insurance sales are on the rise. As reported in the February 2010 issue of the Insurance Journal. Recent data shows that growth of Group Critical Illness sales were seven times stronger than the Group Insurance sector as a whole. The Insurance Journal highlighted 13 of [...]
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance: Understanding the Two-Year Wait Period

    03/16/2010Talk to your insurance broker about simplified or guaranteed issue. Guaranteed issue life insurance policies are available without a medical and with no health questions. One big caveat with guaranteed issue life insurance is that if the insured passes away in the first two years by a non-accidental death, the death benefit is usually limited [...]
  • The Best Whole Life Insurance Plans in Canada

    03/07/2010The best Whole Life policies for your family Credit: tldagny As the name describes, whole life insurance provides for the insured's entire lifetime. The policies can generally be broken down into two types: Participating Whole Life policies participate in the insurance company's profits. These plans provide level premiums and lifetime protection, but also have a [...]
  • A Synopsis of Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies in Canada

    02/15/2010The best and worst GI Plans laid out just for you. Photo by Colin Guaranteed issue life insurance coverage is available without a medical and there are no health questions - acceptance is guaranteed. However, because of the generally high premiums, limited benefit amounts and numerous coverage restrictions, this type of coverage should generally be [...]
  • Term 100 Coverage versus Universal Life Insurance

    01/08/2010Universal Life vs. Term 100. Confused? Don't be. Photo by Larry Vincent Term 100 coverage is a very straight forward form of permanent life insurance. The premiums are level for life and the coverage remains fixed for life. Most Term 100 policies have no cash values. Universal Life coverage is available in many formats. The [...]
  • Life Insurance for Smokers vs. Non-Smokers

    01/07/2010Smoker by Valentin Ottone Life insurance companies generally classify an applicant as a smoker if he or she has used and form of tobacco during the last 12 months. The difference in premium can be substantial. In many instances, a smoker will pay double the cost for equivalent coverage than a non-smoker would. Below is [...]
  • Underwriting Guidelines: Alcoholism is Not a Barrier to Life Insurance

    A dependence on alcohol does not have to bar you or your family from the benefits of life insurance.
    A dependence on alcohol does
    not have to bar you or your family
    from the benefits of life insurance.
    photo by "phogel"
    Occasionally we take a look at those factors that mean the difference between approval and denial when it comes to qualifying for life insurance. Today, as we come back from the no doubt champagne fueled festivities that rang in the new year, we reveal that an alcohol addicted past is not necessarily a barrier to insurance -- at least, not according to the underwriting guidelines of Manulife Financial.
  • Canada’s Best Universal Life Policies

    What company has the best Universal life offering in Canada?
    What company has the best
    Universal life offering in Canada?
    photo by Frank Steele
    "You wanted the best, you got the best" is not just a line that works for rock 'n' roll, but Universal Life insurance as well. The following is a list of Canada's top Universal Life policies for a 40-year-old female, 40-year-old male non-smoker, and a 40-year-old female non-smoker at coverage amounts of $250,000.00, with a level cost of insurance option.
    Universal life policies are available with either an increasing cost of insurance option, or a level cost option. The level cost option guarantees the cost of insurance will remained fixed for life.
    Key advantages for each company:
  • Whole Life Insurance Policies in Canada: A Comparative Analysis

    Whole life insurance options can be overwhelming—we break it down for you.
    Whole life insurance options
    can be overwhelming
    —we break it down for you.
    by David Goehring
    Whole Life insurance policies can be broken down into two types:
    Non-participating Fully guaranteed contracts and the plans do not participate in the companies profits.

    Participating Whole Life Policies Offer policy guarantees, but in addition, allow the applicant to participate in the profits of the insurance company.

    Whole Life policies They've gained a resurgence in popularity in Canada over recent years, as consumers are becoming more concerned with market volatility.
  • Manulife’s Combined Coverage

    07/28/2008Manulife term products have a value-added option known as combined coverage. Combined coverage offers two death benefits under a single policy, resulting in one policy fee and a 3% discount – terrific savings. In fact, Manulife combined life coverage often costs less than its competitors’ joint first-to-die plans. If one of the insureds dies under [...]
  • A new name: Manulife Securities

    07/03/2008Manulife Securities is the new trade name for a group of companies consisting of a mutual fund dealer, investment dealer and insurance agency operating across Canada, following Manulife’s purchase of Berkshire-TWC Financial Group Inc. “We are operating as a strong national firm that offers new opportunities for independent advisors serving their clients across Canada, committed [...]
  • Manulife donates $10,000 to Canadian Red Cross

    06/25/2008Illustration by bruceley Through its Halifax Community Board, Manulife Financial will donate $10,000 to the Canadian Red Cross disaster management program in response to recent major forest fires near Porter’s Lake and Tantallon, Nova Scotia. “Red Cross volunteers directly assisted hundreds of people and spoke in person or by phone with more than 3,000 [...]
  • Hundreds to Bike and Hike for Health

    05/30/2008More than 1,200 cyclists and walkers are limbered up and ready to boost Kitchener-Waterloo's heart health this weekend as they take to the streets and paths to raise $200,000 for St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre. Sponsored by Manulife Financial since 1993, this year's Bike and Hike takes place Sunday, June 1. To date, the [...]
  • Manulife supports earthquake relief efforts in China

    05/21/2008 Manulife Financial and its staff and agents are donating at least RMB2million (CAD284,000) to support the relief efforts in the areas of China affected by Monday's earthquake. The donation will primarily go to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal and be used to provide aid to the areas of China impacted by the disaster. [...]
  • Life insurers could target U.S. rivals

    02/06/2008Canadian life insurance companies could be looking to do a little cross-border shopping, The Toronto Star reported. The paper quotes analyst Michael Goldberg of Desjardins Securities as saying that some American life insurers have seen their financial results stung this week by the tumbling value of their mortgage-backed securities. He notes those lacklustre results are, [...]
  • Manulife calls for insurance mergers

    01/29/2008Manulife Financial Corp. chief executive officer Dominic D'Alessandro called on Ottawa to allow this country's financial service players to merge, The Globe and Mail reported today. Now, the insurance industry is a viable competitor on many banking products, he said, as are credit unions and others. "You've got more competition, more choice," he said. [...]
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