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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get married to a Myanmar man or lady

Published on November 13, 2011

The following is the article from Myanmar Man’s Diary blog republished with permission. The article give  on get married to a Myanmar man or lady. It is quite difficult, due to restrictions in Myanmar law, but entirely possible.

Many of our visitors asked us information on getting married to a Burmese. Apparently, they find it difficult to find information on getting married to a Burmese. There are no information available on  to a Burmese (guy or girl). I think it is time to give you some information on this issue for those Burmese guys and girls who found difficulty getting married to a foreigner, and those foreign men and ladies want to get married to a Burmese.
  1. Burmese law allows Myanmar citizens to get married to a foreigner. In the past, it used to be easy to get it done. Just head to a local judge and he will marry you. However, since about 10 years ago, local judges refused to do it on the ground that it is difficult to distinguish between real marriage and the human trafficking. Today, no judge or local court would marry a Burmese and a foreigner.
  2. Even after you get married, your marriage certificate (actually a marriage contract in Burma) is in Burmese language. It has to be translated into English. You can get a certified notary translation of your marriage certificate into English but the Foreign Office will refuse to certify that notary. You can still use it if your embassy accepts the notary without a certification by the Foreign Office, but some embassies would not.
  3. The best way to get your marriage done is to do it in a foreign country. You can do it either in Thailand or in Singapore. If you are doing it is Thailand, you will need an affidavit of freedom to get married. This has to be endorsed by your embassy. For a Burmese, he can get an affidavit in a court in Myanmar, get it translated into English by a notary public, and then get a certification from the Foreign Office in Myanmar. This can then be endorsed by the Thai Embassy in Yangon or endorsed by the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok. Both of you will need this affidavit. Then, go to a nearest amphur (local district administrative office) and get your marriage done. However, please check with the district office you intend to get married before you do anything as the requirements by the office may vary from one office to another.
  4. Easier one is to get married in Singapore. This is what I have done after I cannot do it either in Myanmar or in Thailand. All you need is a valid passport. You can file your marriage application online. However, the applicant (either you or your fiancé) has to be in Singapore at the time of filing for at least 15 days. After the filing, you can leave Singapore as there is 21 days waiting period. You will need two witnesses (either Singaporean or foreigner of at least 21 years of age). You can choose get married at the ROM (Registry of Marriage) or with a solemnizer in a hotel. However, getting a solemnizer is sometimes difficult. You can get the complete information at Registry of Marriage website.

More Asian Women Tend to Marry Foreigners

March 3, 2012

Posted in Online Dating tagged  at 8:17 am by Idateasia
Asian women from iDateAsia
Marry Thai women to live a more happy and healthy life!
More and More Asian ladies prefer to marry a foreigner, especially the Thai and Vietnamese girls and women in China. Why do these Asian women like to seek a foreign husband? There are some reasons causing this phenomenon.
First of all, they’re disappointed at the men in their country. Let’s take Thailand for an example. The portion between men and women in Thailand loses the balance, and the quantity of female is much more than that of men. So Thai men can easily get a wife while Thai women are difficult to find a husband. However, most Thai men would not satisfy with his wife. The family violence always happen in Thailand and husband are inclined to have affairs with other women. All of these hurts the feeling of the Asian women for marriage, so they turn to foreign countries for a better and healthy marriage.
Secondly, Asian women get higher education and become more independent. Though many Asian countries are still developing, the living situation and the civilization are increasing. Most of the women in Thailand and Vietnam are undergraduates, and some are even masters. These well- educated women have a strong sense of independence. They play an important role in the companies as well as men, act good at socialization and live a pretty cozy life by her own income. They seem to have everything. But they are women, they need love and respect, which quite a few men of the their country don’t know how to show, that’s another reason for why Asian women tend to marry foreigners.
Thirdly, people become open-mined and the culture differences narrow down. The development of technology and informatization is rapid, the culture, custom and traditions are propagated and  spreaded to every corner of the world via movies, music and other medium and become known to more people. Therefore, marriage with foreigners become much more acceptable rather than the strange.On such a condition, internet dating service grows up. This dating method is believed to be the best and the most effective way to meet a guy outside the Asian countries.
The last but not the least, gentleness and romance of foreigners are attractive. Believe it or not, no female in the whole dislike being treated gently or refusing romance. And most foreigners from western countries are positive, open, nice and romantic. They seem to know more about how to treat women well and give what they want. Women can feel safe and happy with them.

Interview with US State Department Awardee, Zin Mar Aung

Zin Mar Aung won the International Women Honor Award by the US State Department for her role in promoting the role of women in politics, leading the efforts of several NGOs to promote this work and to help secure a democratic future in Burma.
We set up a 2 camera shot to interview Zin Mar Aung right before she accepted her award at the State Department. The most difficult part of the shoot was getting the hotel to agree to give us permission to film the interview. They were great sports and so was Ms. Zin Mar Aung.
Interview with Ma Zin Mar Aung: Transcript in English:
VOA’s Khin Myo Thet:  You won the International Women of Courage Award from the US Secretary of State. Why do you think they chose you for the award?
Zin Mar Aung : They (the award committee) told me that I was considered for the award as I was a political prisoner, who had endured 11 years  in jail, and today I still continue to be involved in political movements- promoting democracy, after being released. In addition, I promoted the involvement of women in politics. I also worked with other organizations when promoting the rights of minority groups and peace in Kachin area. They told me that is why I had received the award.
VOA:  You’ve endured an 11 year prison sentence. Why were you imprisoned?
ZMA: It’s a simple answer. I took part in the 1996-1998 students’ movements. We distributed pamphlets, calling on the government to allow us to organize a student union. In 1998, the National League of Democracy ( Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s party- the opposition party of Burma) called on the government to call an assembly within 60 days. We distributed the letters and poems, supporting the NLD. That’s why I was imprisoned.
VOA: What is your life like as a woman political prisoner?
ZMA: It’s like other men and women political prisoners in Burma. I was one of them. The difference is long term and short term. It’s clear how I spent my days in the prison. I wasn’t the only one. There are many political prisoners in Burma. We were detained not because of acting in misconducts but because of doing the right things we should do for our country. I wasn’t the only one imprisoned for this way. I did the right thing and my family also supports what I’m doing. Thinking of all those conditions, I spent my days in the prison.
VOA:  11 years in prison isn’t a short term experience, it’s a long sentence. You were imprisoned because of your political movement. Now after being released, you continue to work on politics? Can you tell me why?
ZMA:  Those 11 years in prison made me continue to work on politics. 11 years was unfair for me. So much of our country suffers for detaining good people in the prisons. Our country will not develop until this system exists. So, our country must have democracy to stop this system. We need to have a democratic government and a democratic society. We have a lot to work on.
VOA: What do you think of the role of women in a political movement? How important are women in a political movement?
ZMA: It’s clear. Each sector where the women from more than half of the world’s population involve, each sector will develop. The more involved women are, the more developed each sector will be. Hence, the quality of women is important. The lower quality the women have, the level of the economic, health and politics of the respective country will also be lower.
VOA:  What would be your plan after returning to Burma?
ZMA: I’ll visit Kachin State. I’ll go there with small organizations in our network. I want to give them the message that I mentioned above. In addition, I’ll open the role of women involved in politics. I’ll continue to work on education foundations that we already have.
VOA: So, there are many things that you’ll continue to work on. How do you feel being awarded the International Women of Courage?
ZMA: Actually, it’s a coincidence. It happened after they’ve met me in Burma. There are many pro-democracy activists like me. Fortunately, I could come here and was awarded. So, I have more responsibilities.
VOA: Thank you so much for joining us Ma Zin Mar Aung.
Producers: Khin Myo Thet; Kaye Lin
Reporter: Khin Myo Thet
Videographer:Kaye Lin
Editor: Kaye Lin
Production Assistant: Lwin Nyein Chan
Translator of Text: Kyaw Thein Kha

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guy's plea to poly girls: Wear more clothes, don't distract me from studies

A polytechnic freshman who worked hard to enter the institution found himself so distracted, he made a plea on an online forum -- to ask his female peers to 'wear more clothes'.

According to the China Press, the Singapore Polytechnic student said he needed to concentrate on his studies without being distracted by girls.

"Can ask them not to be too revealing? Shorts, mini skirts, sleeveless ... how can I concentrate in class?" he wrote, complaining they 'loved to show off their cleavage and long legs'.

"It's okay if they are ugly. But they are all very pretty!" he added in the online posting, which drew flak as netizens labelled him a 'monk' and called him 'hopeless'.

In Oct 2010, tertiary institutions like Republic Polytechnic, the Nanyang Technological University imposed dress codes on their studentsMDIS had enforced this in 2008. A church also imposed a dress code, and a Ngee Ann Polytechnic student in a skimpy outfit was also spotted by a STOMPer on campus.

Said STOMPer Morton, who came across the news:

"Wah, I really have to agree that either this guy has never seen a girl before, or the girls in Singapore Poly are really so sexy.

"He has the willpower to work hard and enter the polytechnic, but he cannot apply this same willpower to focus on his studies and tune out of all distractions?

"I tell you ah, if I had pretty girls around me wearing so little, I'd be even more motivated to come to school...lol!

"But okay lah, to be fair, I have to say to the girls, please cover up a bit more, at least a jacket or longer pants. You go to school to study, not to make a poor poly freshman distracted! Haha!"
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Babes in lingerie turn up the heat at Attica's Rondavous Casting Party

Attica played host to lingerie label Rondavous's search for a new model to be the face of their Safari Collection. And the babes answered the call in style.

Women, above the age of 18, registered for the party and turned up in a lingerie attire of their choice and high heels.

They were then given five minutes in front of the mobile photo studio located there.

Rondavous would then choose the face for their next campaign from the shortlisted participants.

Party-goers who turned up for the event could ogle at the babes, and were treated to the party beats of DJ Stingray and DJ Daniel Yeo.
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