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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 women found dead with their kids: Has death become the answer to stress?

Posted on 23 Sep 2011

Madam Tan Sze Sze, 31, and Madam He Xue Jing, 45, were both found dead with their young children with them. STOMPer SoSad is concerned over the fact that more people, especially women, seem to be unable to cope with stress, and that death may have become a way out for them.

Former secretary Tan Sze Sze and her son were found drowned in Bedok Reservoir. In the period leading to her death, she had had frequent fights with her estranged husband over custody of their child 3-year-old Jerald Chin Le Hui.

She was fiercely protective of the child and had refused to let her husband spend any time with the boy alone. Just before she had gone missing on Tuesday (Sep 20), she had told her mother that she intended to kill herself and take her child with her.

In a separate case, China-born housewife He Xuejing had also taken her 8-year-old daughter Bao Peiqin with her when she chose to end her life in April this year. Both mother and daughter were found at the foot of the block of flats they had lived in at Bukit Batok Street 24.

An inquiry into the incident found that she had caused the death of her daughter by picking her up and jumping from the twelfth-storey bedroom window.

The STOMPer commented:

"It's really sad to see what some parents do when the stress of life gets to them.

"It's sad enough that these people saw this end as the solution to their problems, but worse of all, they chose to bring their children along with them as well.

"It's is selfish to think that your child is incapable of a happy and fulfilling life without you, and that their lives would not be worth living if you are gone.

"The children are innocent, and can hardly be held responsible for life's problems. Just because you're tired of living doesn't mean that your child is as well. After all, they have their whole lives ahead of them.

"I'm not sure what exactly what these two mothers went through, but what they did seems really unnecessary. People need to learn to cope with stress better, to prevent such sad cases from happening again."

Pictures 1-5 in the gallery below relate to the case of Mdm Tan, while 6-14 pertain to Mdm He.

-Ref:stomp news-
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