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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Orchard Road floods - the aftermath

Orchard Road floods - the aftermath

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunlight Brand drinks suspended

by Tan Quiyi 04:47 AM May 31, 2011


SINGAPORE - The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has suspended the import of all Sunlight Brand drinks from Taiwan after tests found the industrial plasticiser DEHP in a sample of the brand's Star Fruit Juice.

Consumers are advised not to consume the brand of beverages, which are being taken off the market immediately. Based on the level of DEHP detected in the sample, a 60kg adult can drink up to 420g and for a 30kg child, 210g of the juice every day over a lifetime without significant health risks.

According to AVA, it has analysed 13 brands of Taiwan-made beverages so far and the 12 others passed the test. Apart from drinks, Taiwanese jam and jelly will also be tested.

Meanwhile, at least two Taiwanese bubble tea retailers here have sent their products to AVA for testing in the wake of the Taiwan food scare involving DEHP, which affects the hormone balance in young people. But sales at the two bubble tea shops at Toa Payoh Interchange are not significantly affected so far, said staff.

One of them, KOI Cafe - which has eight branches here - has temporarily stopped sales of its passion fruit and peach juice. KOI operations manager Daniel Huang told MediaCorp the products have passed initial food safety tests in Taiwan but the cafe will wait for AVA's approval before releasing them for sale again.

The public can refer to AVA's
website for an updated list of brands that have been tested or call AVA's hotline 6325-7625 for queries.

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