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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

21-year-old Iranian hacker rattles security circles

Tags : Amsterdam, Internet connections, The New York Times
Posted: Tue Sep 13 2011, 01:49 hrs
New York:


He claims to be 21 years old, a student of software engineering in Tehran who reveres Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and despises dissidents in his country.
He sneaked into the computer systems of a security firm on the outskirts of Amsterdam. He created fake credentials that could allow someone to snoop on Internet connections that appeared to be secure. He then shared that bounty with people he declines to name.
The fruits of his labour are believed to have been used to tap into the online communications of as many as 3,00,000 unsuspecting Iranians this summer. What’s more, he punched a hole in an online security mechanism that is trusted by millions of Internet users all over the world.
Comodohacker, as he calls himself, insists he acted on his own and is unperturbed by the notion that his work may have been used to spy on antigovernment compatriots.

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